MASTERS rise above the plane of material life.

The majority of people are carried along like the falling stone, obedient to environment, outside influences and internal moods, desires, etc., not to speak of the desires and wills of others stronger than themselves, heredity, environment, and suggestion, carrying them along without resistance on their part, or the exercise of the Will. Moved like the pawns on the checkerboard of life, they play their parts and are laid aside after the game is over.

But the MASTERS, knowing the rules of the game, rise above the plane of material life, and placing themselves in touch with the higher powers of their nature, dominate their own moods, characters, qualities, and polarity, as well as the environment surrounding them and thus become Movers in the Game, instead of Pawns…Causes instead of Effects.

– Sacred Teachings of the Kybalion, Mystery School of Amun-RA

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Have you ever seen an object below the atmosphere that is not affected by Gravity?
Have you ever seen a Bird that was born in the Air, starts flying and keeps flying until it dies?
Have you ever seen something that has risen without having its base on the Ground?
Have you ever jumped without coming back down?
Have you ever seen an Airplane constantly flying without touching down in its entire Lifespan?
Have you ever seen a Space Satellite not falling back down to Earth after its mission?
Have you ever seen floating buildings, cities, countries?
Have you ever seen Trees, Plants that grow out of the Air instead of the Ground?
Have you ever seen the Sea, Rivers and Lakes just suspended in the Air?
Have you ever seen anything that is not affected by the Pull of Gravity on this Planet?
Respect the Earth, SHE is the Most Powerful Deity of this Planet, she IS the Planet.
She is Vodoun Sakpata Agnigbanto (Spirit of the Earth). Nothing Escapes Her Power, and to restore Balance, she does not wait for Sacrificial offerings, she serves herself by the Hundreds, the Thousands and the Millions.

– Prince Randy A-S. K.

© Supreme Vodoun Institute. HCMMR – 2012 ™®


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Dah Sonon Biti

I present to you DAH SONON BITI, one of the Most Powerful Vodoun Masters in Benin, he is the High Priest of Vodoun Xeviosso (Thunder and Lightning Deity), Vodoun Ogoun (Metals, Technology and War Deity) and Vodoun Minonan (The Mother of all Deities known to the ancient Egyptians as Hathor). Dah Sonon is one of my Best Friends and a great Mentor in the Ancestral Science of Vodoun.

He is holding the Axes that represent the Symbol of Xeviosso (in Ewé) or Sango (in Yorouba).

© Photo – Cyril Marcilhacy

© Supreme Vodoun Institute. HCMMR – 2012 ™®

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The Power of Love

Interview with reporters in Allada during the International Vodoun Festival, January 2012. Photo (c) C. Marcilhacy

For a person to excel in anything, one must love what one is doing. Love conquers all. Love makes everything easy.For the sake of reaching a goal, the lover feels no pain,struggle, obstacles, sacrifice, etc. towards their goal. I am a truth seeker, truth lover, like my Ancient Egyptian Ancestors…the Ma-at (representing the truth) lovers and seekers that permeate Ancient Egyptian texts.

The Egyptian mystical seeker is a philosopher, in the original meaning of the term (philo = love, sophy = truth).

Copyright 2012 – Supreme Vodoun [Hathor Center for Massive Metaphysical Research] – All rights Reserved

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You are a Miniature Universe


You are a Miniature UniverseYou are a Miniature Universe - (c) Photo C. Marcilhacy
Emerging from the Kingdom of the Ocean

Life is co-created. Destiny is the result of harmonious collaboration with the Universe. Don’t wait around for People to give you a chance, you have to get up and create your own chances, make the Universe work in your favor.

There are ways to seduce the forces of the Universe. The Universe is like the Ocean and you are like a drop of water. It is the sum total of all the drops and their connected structure that make the Ocean so Massive. You are a minitiature Universe, to be in Harmony with the whole, you must connect with the right elements and vibrate at the right rhythm. This way, you are part of the Cosmic Symphony, an endless alchemy relationship between you and the Forces governing Life.

(c) Prince Randy K.A. Sogan


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The Female Consciousness: International Women Day


(c) Photo – Cyril Marcilhacy

I was born to a young Woman, raised by her mother, an older Woman, grew up with Women, was taught Life values by Women.

I was initiated into the Essence of African Spirituality by a Woman

I was taught what is the Nature of the Creator by a Woman

I was taught how to treat a Woman by a Woman

I discovered what Love is from a Woman

The Oracle says: “Woman creates the Universe”. Yes, the Woman is the Earth that grows Seeds, the Woman is the Land that builds and nurtures Food. The Woman is the Moon that rules Emotions, the Woman is the Essence of the Sun that beams fertile Energy into all Living things, the Woman is the Rain that arouses the Soil. The Woman has the Womb that the Cosmos uses to re-create itself and expand eternally.

When a Woman establishes complete harmony with her Body, her Soul, her Spirit and the Universe…she becomes like a Goddess…because she transforms the lives of all those she approaches for the best.

I wish Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Wives, Fiances, Girlfriends and ALL WOMEN around the World, a happy, serene, healthy, prosperous, successful International Women Day. I pray for Hathor, Isis and all the Goddesses of the Cosmos to Bless you and your Families, now and for Eternity.

The World is better when we Honour Women.

(c) Copyright Prince Randy K. A. Sogan

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The Language of the Spirit

‎”When you speak the language of the Spirits, you can understand All the languages in the World.” – The Oracle.

An Oracle Divination Session....Ifa (Afa).

Ifa Priest (Bokonon) in Calavi (Cotonou region), Benin performing a divination ritual for a client that came to expose his problems.


Photo (c) Cyril Marcilhacy

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Mind Power, Massive Hammer.

I am the Hammer that breaks down Walls.

The Power that’s in you is much bigger than you can imagine, you just need to find the key to unlock it, to unleash its Energy. Finding the right key and the right combination to do this, is one of the biggest challenges in anyone’s Life…but if you learn to decode the signs the Universe gives you and you know how to apply its Laws, you will succeed…and don’t think you have to do it all alone, some People are put in your Life to help you find incredible answers to difficult questions. Know who to trust, rely on your intuition, stay determined…if Walls come up in front of you, jump over them or break them down with a Giant Hammer.

(C) Photo – Cyril Marcilhacy

— in Cotonou, Benin.
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The Re-Unification

Reflecting on ChangesPhoto (c) L. Juhasz.

The Re-Unification Dream

I have hope. I have hope and I feel joy in my Heart because I realize that so many Men and Women of African origin from the USA, from the Caribbean Islands, from Brazil, from Cuba, are increasingly reconnecting with their African Ancestral Roots and Traditions.

It warms my hear to see such a big movement so interested in genuinely involved in creating Harmony with the Vodoun, Orisa and other African Traditional Religions…Even the African Diaspora of France and other European Countries are not so intensely and intimately in search for answers as is the communities in the Americas. This gives me hope the the Unification of all Africans around the World is well under way. We still have some differences but we can work them out, because we have much more similarities. Thank you all for walking this Path with me. The Path of Re-Unification.

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Welcome to the Vodoun Universe

Standing in front of the Powerful Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Ouidah, Republic of Benin.

Welcome to the Mysterious World of Vodoun,

I am an Afrikan. My traditional mystical name is Komlan Jantah Yibor. I am originally from Benin & Togo (West Africa) with Lebanese blood too from my Mother’s matriarcal line, they were Hebrews and Phoenicians. On my father side, we go as far back as the ancient Nubia (Northern Sudan/Southern Egypt) when that Empire was the center of the World, my Ancestors migrated nearly 2,000 years ago with all our Deities’ Shrines, Science and True History of our Genesis. I was initiated into ancient Afrikan Mystery Systems at the age of 7 and ever since it has become my Passion to interact with the Forces of the Cosmos. I grew up in France, Gabon, Togo, studied in the USA, lived worked in 8 different countries and traveled to dozens of others. I am a French Citizen but also a Planet Earth Citizen, our Beautiful Planet that was first settled by our People of Afrika. I am a proud Afrikan, I worship the womb of the Cosmos, I honor the Elements that rule the Universe and my Ancestors, I dedicate Cults to the Deities and yet I am very practical in the use of my Spiritual Energy and the Power of my Mind to bring positive change in the Physical World. My biggest goal in Life that keeps me awake at night is to do things that impact peoples lives positively. Love is my Essence, and my Reservoir is full of it. I send a big wave of Love to Each and Everyone of you.

I believe in the Supreme Creator, the womb of the Cosmos, and in the entire Cosmic-Universal Government of Elements, Deities, Higher Spirits,  Forces of Nature, Ascended Ancestors, organized in a complex Hierarchy…that rule all aspects of the Universe. The Religion of my culture is more than a Religion, it is the Culture itself, the Traditions, the Science, the Lifestyle, the Art. It is what we call Vodoun, it derives from the expression “Vo Bo Doun” meaning “Draw Energy from the Source of the Universe without fear”.

This Holistic Science was transmitted to us by our Primary Ancestors who come from a place far far away from this World we live in, but seeded it and transmitted the Knowledge to us. This is why Afrika is so strong despite all the challenges that she has been through. The Forces of the Cosmos protect Afrika and the Future and Survival of this Planet depends on Afrika, we are not revengeful, we forgive and we heal, my role is to make sure all Afrikans realize their true potential and also that all Humanity realizes that this Planet is still alive because of Afrika. We need to unite and work together for a better world for the benefit of everyone.

When you make an effort to learn about your origins, when you spend energy to discover your past, you will understand why you are where you are today and what you need to do to open the path that will lead you to fulfill your Destiny.

Prince Randy K. Alam-Sogan


Copyright 2012 – Supreme Vodoun [Hathor Center for Massive Metaphysical Research] – All rights Reserved



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